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L469 Sweet Devotion - Daniel Álvarez

$85.95 CAD - Approx. $65.67 USD

Presented as the great treatise of puffed pastries and brioche doughs. Thorough work that addresses the main national and European references duly updated under a prism of maximum commitment for quality. Acclaimed in the sector for the brilliance of his panettone, millefeuille, or croissant, the chef makes a special effort to share what is more than a masterful recipe book. The content provides the reader with the experience he has acquired over more than 30 years of service: tricks, tips and also a special sensitivity for obtaining gastronomically extraordinary results in each case.

The content is distributed in 250 pages with their corresponding introductions and thematic blocks. The keys to achieving perfection in each great family (croissant, puff pastry brioche, puff pastry, brioche, panettone, kouglof …) include graphics, step-by-step instructions, and many different formats.

250 pages