La Crème des pâtissiers – Ses 35 chefs préférés (French)


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  • Author: Christophe Michalak.
  • Publisher: ‎Ducasse édition.
  • Language: ‎French.
  • Cover: Soft.
  • Hardcover Book‏: ‎168 pages.
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  • Bonus: silicon piping bags

Between a recipe book and sweet interviews, Christophe Michalak offers us the cream of pastry in this very personal work.
Between a recipe book and sweet interviews, Christophe Michalak offers us the cream of pastry in this very personal work.

He wanted to pay tribute to 35 professionals who knew how to shape and shake up the codes of pastry to make it a highly creative profession of excellence, in line with the developments of the times.

These women and men tell us their story, their journey and their anecdotes through a dialogue with Christophe Michalak.

Memories and confidences help to understand the creative process of these Chefs, and lead to the presentation of each signature recipe: Guy Krenzer’s Autumn Leaf, Christophe Renou’s revisited Fraisier or Yann Menguy’s tonka-pear Charlotte.

– The great inventors and godfathers: Pierre Hermé – the pope of sweets, Christophe Felder – prince of pastry, or even Philippe Conticini – virtuoso of taste, were the pioneers of the revival of French pastry. Welcome to the big leagues!

– The crazy technicians: Patrick Roger, Julien Alvarez and Yann Brys won the most prestigious competitions. Meilleur Ouvrier de France or World Pastry Champion, they share creative audacity, accuracy of taste and constant concern for perfection.

– “Rock’n’roll” creations: Limitless imagination for unique universes. Inimitable, their concepts have become essentials in the world of pastry, such as Christophe Adam’s flashes of genius or Jonathan Blot’s dessert restaurant.

– Aesthetes: Ophélie Barès, Claire Heitzler and Yann Couvreur, or how to reconcile the very beautiful and the very good, to the greatest pleasure of our pupils and taste buds!

– High-flying intuitives: Instinct, aspiration and subtlety; qualities that bring together these master pastry chefs like the duo Cyril Lignac & Benoît Couvrand, François Daubinet, or Nicolas Lambert.

-The palace geniuses: Cédric Grolet, François Perret and Angelo Musa excel in the field of “haute couture pastry”. From the meeting of the world of luxury with these gifted sweets, true masterpieces are born to taste.

A beautiful object for all gourmands and sweet tooths curious behind the scenes!

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