About us

Established over twenty five years ago in Montreal, Canada, we have been proudly supplying professional chocolatiers, pastry chefs and artisans throughout North America and beyond. Chocolat-Chocolat inc. is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of the delectable and artfully crafted chocolate.

Inventory, of over 8000 molds from four major European as well as Canadian and Asian suppliers, is kept for your convenience to assure stock availability and timely delivery for the time conscious craftsperson. Our molds are made of hard polycarbonate and food grade PETG with fascinating designs all the while maintaining optimum moldability and demolding properties. Great personal pride is taken in providing the finest and edgiest packaging available. We work in close and strict collaboration with key contacts in Europe in our constant search for innovative and exciting packaging. This has enabled us to develop and maintain a perspective and constantly refined technical expertise in chocolate fabrication. Chocolat-Chocolat is well positioned in providing boxes, ribbons and bags that most perfectly matches the most desired and sought after trends.Our ultimate objective is to enable our clientele to have the most enticing colours, patterns and trends, that will showcase their own unique art and creativity. A “Prêt à Porter” attitude to confectionary packaging and marketing.

Alone amongst purveyors of molds and packaging, our trained and experienced staff will assist you in choosing the most appropriate ensemble of molds, boxes, and ribbons for even the most discerning client.

All our products are available on our website or visit us directly at our showroom in Montreal. We also would invite any of our customers using our products to provide pictures of their work. It would be our pleasure to display their most creative confections on our Facebook page!

Orders can be made safely and securely via our website or by calling us direct using our toll free line.