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Polycarbonate & Tritan Chocolate Molds

Polycarbonate and Tritan* chocolate molds are popular with chocolatiers for several reasons. They are made from a material that is light, strong, transparent and very durable. This makes them ideal for production, as they are easy to use. You won’t have to worry about replacing them after heavy use. The durability of these molds also makes them a good value for money!


  • Made from a transparent material, polycarbonate chocolate molds make it easier for you to see the air bubbles in your chocolates. This prevents unsightly chocolate bubbles from appearing. They also make it easier to work creatively with colored cocoa butter, giving you a glimpse of the result.

Durability and production

  • This product is very durable, which means these molds can be used more often and last longer. Perfect for production, they can handle a high volume of chocolates to be made. This will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to replace them after heavy workloads, as is the case with some other chocolate molds on the market.

Lightweight and easy to use

  • This type of mold is light due to the type of material used. This makes it easier to use for people who don’t have much arm strength and have trouble handling heavy molds. Polycarbonate reduces arm fatigue and improves productivity, which will give you a better working environment. This eliminates some of the stress associated with chocolate production.

*Tritan is a transparent plastic from the copolyester family, free from bisphenol A and phthalates.

  • Please note that polycarbonate molds are not dishwasher safe, do not put in the oven, and do not use metal or pointed objects directly on the mold, as they may scratch it. Store clean molds on a flat surface, away from light and heat.

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