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  • Number of Pages: 318.
  • English language.
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Bi-annual magazine in English which brings together pastry chefs, chocolatiers and master ice cream makers from around the world in the excellence of their work.
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  • Number of pages: 318
  • English language


The exciting sub-zero world

  • Emmanuel Ryon. French refinement
  • David Wesmaël. The colors of flavor
  • Jesús Escalera. The essence of good ice cream
  • Artem Grachev. Depth and emotion through ice cream
  • David Briand. The common sense of pastry
  • Eunji Lee. Dangerous innocence
  • Nuño García. Haute viennoiserie
  • Paul Yochum. Gastronomizing the donut
  • Joris Vanhee. Chocolate trails
  • Michal Kleiber. The journey
  • Raúl Bernal. A chocolatier on a bike
  • Pol Marginedas. When myth becomes chocolate
  • Ash Smith. A big hug on a winter’s night
  • Jiro Tanaka. Keep it deligant
  • Mohammad, Wassim y Omar Orfali. Twinning cuisine and patisserie
  • Julius Persoone. More rock ‘n’ roll than ever
  • Ronald García. What pâtisserie owes to Mesoamerica
  • Suzette Gresham. Creating memorable experiences for guests and staff is equally essential


  • MALAYSIA, epicenter of haute pâtisserie
  • Wei Loon Tan. Malaysian accent
  • Jeffrey Tan. Being a pastry chef to be happy
  • Jer Yenn & Jia Yi. Two in equilibrium

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