Pastry and baking

L280 Torten Artistik: The Complete Manual to Cake Artistik

$89.95 CAD - Approx. $67.82 USD

English, German, French and Italian text
200 pages, hardcover
True to the methodical teaching principles of earlier Fabilo books, this indispensable publication shows you how to make original cake decorations efficiently and competently.

Over 550 step-by-step photos throughout the 200 pages explain the innovative techniques in a clear manner.

The book is divided into 39 lessons and covers all aspects of modern cake decorating, from classical to contemporary styles.

The Complete Manual to Cake Artistik aims to pave the way for all those interested in creating artistic cakes and to bring pleasure and, as a result, prosper.

Comes with a silicone piping bag as bonus.