Pastry and baking

L283 Rêves de Pâtissier by Pierre Hermé

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Bonus: Silicone pastry bag

Rum cake , strawberry , Paris-Brest , Flash , financial, kugelhopf ... Pierre Hermé reveals the secrets of 50 great classics of pastry. It focuses on the history of these legendary desserts, all of them reproduced in its original version , and then reinterprets in his own way with the talent that earned him the epithet " Picasso of pastry " . For every dessert is for him a new challenge: the peas are invited in macaroons, Black Forest cake turns into an ice planted with trees and bristling with chantilly ... With these original creations Pierre Hermé brings his personal note to the eternal debate between ancient and modern ; it offers us a panorama of 100 recipes sweet international heritage.