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L150 Fine Chocolates #2 with a bonus mold

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PROMOTION: Bonus mold included.
Jean-Pierre Wybauw has done it again with his second Fine Chocolates book—Great Ganache Experience. In English.
If you liked Fine Chocolates, then you will automatically want this second volume, which deals with ganaches, which represent the bulk of modern praline assortments.
This book is welcomed by all professional chocolatiers and students of the art.
Fabulous new and original recipes from Jean-Pierre with full-page full-color photographs
Great technical sections covering emulsifying ingredients, fat mixtures, precrystallizing, homogenizing, curdling, ganaches created under vacuum, shelf life, preservatives, flavor combinations, making ganaches lighter, and much more

Full color photographs showing step-by-step progressive techniques

Charts, tables, yield values, temperature controls

and much more!
Mouth-watering, original ganache recipes are described in detail and illustrated with superb photographs.


-High Quality Ganache
-Main Ingredients
-Technical Aspects
-Starting Out
-Special Ganaches
-Ganaches with Stimulating Properties
-Caramel-Based Ganaches
-Fruity Ganaches
-More Suggestions
-Pralines with Several Layers
-Useful Information

208 pages