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  • English language
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Published in 2023
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CHOCOLAT is a fusion of Vase Maja’s two popular e-books Chocolate Entremets and Chocolate Tarts in a hardcover format. Over 60 recipes with carefully selected flavor combinations, delicate details and breathtaking textures. Little works of cake art that you’ll find surprisingly easy to create – and share!


Maja Vase’s work is marked by technicality, sharpness and a personal style that is both modern and timeless. In this first part, the young Danish pastry chef presents 30 recipes, beautiful creations inside and out, where velvety textures and creaminess are appreciated in mousses, ganaches and creams. As writer Marie Holm explains in the foreword, “although every chocolate cake in the book is the result of a great deal of time and thought, there is also an underlying awareness that the result will never be better than the ingredients used. And that good quality, natural ingredients shouldn’t be manipulated or mixed with all sorts of things. Maja’s basic recipes are in fact very simple, based on a few quality ingredients. This duality fascinates me. And above all, the cakes are delicious”.

Vase also includes general tips on the art of tempering chocolate, the secret of a perfect chocolate mousse, and the equipment needed to prepare the recipes she details in the book, including: rhubarb – lemon – white chocolate, pear – dark milk chocolate – vanilla, digestif – milk chocolate – marshmallow, and apple – thyme – pistachio – white chocolate.


The second part of the book, Tartes au chocolat, is devoted to tarts. Small and large chocolate tarts with flaky crusts, fluffy fillings, super-silky creams and ganaches and precise chocolate details. You’ll find amazing recipes such as: Sea Buckthorn – white chocolate – liquorice, Raspberry – thyme – white chocolate – lime, Gooseberry – white chocolate – lemon, Peanut – caramel – salt, among others!

English language, hardcover, 264 pages Published in 2023

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