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Ideal for gums, jellies or other confectionery, our non-stick finishing coating adds the finishing touch to gum products.

LorAnn’s non-stick finish adds the finishing touch to sticky products.
Ideal for gums, jellies or other confectionery.
This food grade product provides an extremely thin protective layer that prevents gums and jellies from sticking together while giving them a beautiful shine.
This Non-Stick Finishing Coating also protects against premature drying.
Made from high quality MCT oils and carnauba wax, this food grade product is very stable and has a long shelf life.

  • Typical uses: Gums, Jellies, Licorice

Usage Tips:

Mix/shake well before use.
Typically applied using a pan/drum or bowl of oil to mix or tumble the product by hand until the coating is evenly distributed.
Usage rate 0.05-0.15% by weight.

When applying manually to gummies, calculate %0.05 of the total weight of your gummies to be treated.
Place the gummies in a bowl large enough to mix and add a weighed amount of non-stick finishing coating to the batch.Work with gloved hands to massage the gums for 3-5 minutes ensuring coverage is even and the material has been well applied to the surface.
The gummies should no longer want to stick to each other but should not be too oiled.
If the gummies are not oiled enough, you can add half of your original dose and repeat the process.
If the erasers are too oiled, a lint-free cloth can be used to remove the excess from the surface.

Ingredients: vegetable oil (coconut origin), carnauba wax

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