Kits of 7 Fat Dispersible Food Colorant Powders


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Kits of 7 powders, fat dispersible food colorants.
The coloring is done by dispersing the colored particles in the food.

Water-insoluble food colorants, they are used to color oil-based products, such as chocolate, buttercream and confectionery coatings. They are ideal for limiting color migration when several colors are mixed together.


  • Matte finish.
  • Intended for fatty materials such as chocolate.
  • Less aggressive coloring than the water-soluble version.
  • Dispersion coloring limits color migration.

Weight of colorants: 5 grams each.

Kit A

Assortment A: White, pink, light green, indigo blue, orange, brown, black

Kit B

Assortment B: White, Purple, Green, Red, Bright Blue, Yellow, Black

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