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LorAnn Encapsulated Malic Acid is the key ingredient in your sour coated confections like gummies, licorice, jellies, lollipops and other confections.
It contains tart flavor profiles similar to citrus, but with a higher intensity, as it provides a prolonged sour mouthfeel.
Malic acid is the perfect choice for increasing the intensity of their highly acidic confections.

This natural acid is coated with a layer of non-reactive fat that prevents unwanted chemical reactions, as standard non-encapsulated acids will cause the sugar to invert, melting or “sweating” the candy. Encapsulated acids are designed not to interact with other ingredients and produce a burst of sour impact when eating the food.

Usage tips :

  • For Gummies: LorAnn’s encapsulated acids can be mixed directly with sugar. The mixture is easily applied to the surface of lightly steamed gummies.
  • For Hard Candies: Sprinkle the encapsulated acid over the still-hot candy. Do not apply when hard candy is hot as the encapsulation will melt at 95 F. Mixing with sugar is not recommended as this may soften the candy (inversion).
  • For Cocktail Rims: Mix with sugar or salt for a more pleasant/controlled sour experience.

Encapsulation Melting Point: 56-60 C° or 122-144 F°.

Ingredients: Malic Acid, vegetable fat (palm origin), Gluten-free.

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