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  • Available in bottles of 56g, 225g and 1kg
  • Made in Quebec


Brightly colored cocoa butters for small and large masterpieces!

Products in the Artiste collection are colored with 100% fat-soluble dyes. Roxy & Rich cocoa butters can be used in chocolate molds or directly on molded chocolate with an airbrush, a brush or simply with your fingers.

  • Matte finishes
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to use
  • Pre-tempered Edible

Artiste colored cocoa butter is sold in solid form. To use it, you need to melt it, either in a melter or in the microwave oven, which is, according to the company, the easiest way!
Heat the bottle for 10 seconds, stir and heat again for 10 seconds. Continue until the required amount of cocoa butter has melted.
*Be careful not to overheat the cocoa butter. Its texture could be affected and will not give the expected result or could even become unusable


Snow White, SunnyYellow, Sunset Orange, Sangria Red, Passion Red, Burnt Orange, Mandarin Orange, Ocean Blue, Powder Blue, Night Blue, Almond Beige, Hazelnut Brown, Espresso Brown, Pirate Black, Lime Green, Mint Green, Forest Green, Sandy Pink, Candy Pink, Orchid Purple, Lilac Purple, Cloudy Gray, Chocolate Brown, Coral Orange, Tuscan Brown, Tropical Green, Fuchsia, Cardinal Red, Tiffany Blue.

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