Folding Boxes for 25 Chocolates, Ardoise Collection


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Classic chocolate packaging, suitable for all occasions.

Folding boxes offer a great quality-price ratio.

Remember to add a ribbon according to the season in order to personalize your packaging

  • Approx. Dimensions: 200x 200 x 33mm x / 7.8 x 7.8 x 1 1/4in
  • Number of Boxes: 10, 50 or 500 boxes
  • Number of Cavities per Box: 25 square cavities (35 x 35 x 25mm / 1.3 x 1.3 x 1in)
  • Type of Materials: Folding carton and black cardboard divider
  • Color and Finish of Boxes: Ardoise black, satin finish

Watch our video to learn how to fold the Ardoise Collection boxes

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