Assortments of 6 Pearl Gemstone Cocoa Butters, 2oz


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Each kit includes 6 bottles 2oz or 56g
Colored cocoa butter gem collection

Heat to 30 degrees C.
Use for various applications

Made in Québec

Kit A

assortment A: White zircon, Ruby red, Gold, Emerald green, Silver, Bronze

Kit B

Assortment B: Chrysoberyl yellow, Garnet orange, Topaz blue, Pearl blue, Rhodolite purple, Moonstone.

Kit C

Assortment C: Garnet Red, Pearl Red, Peridot Green, Platinum, Antique Gold, Lapis Blue

Kit D

Assortment D: Pearl gold, Sphene green, Bronze, Spinel pink, Aqua marine, Citrine orange

Kit E

Assortment E: Crystal Green, Amethyst Violet, Pearl Green, Sapphire Blue, Copper, Satin Caramel

Kit F

Assortment F: Melanite Black, Pearl Silver, Carnelian Red, Turquoise, Quartz Pink, Tourmaline Fuchsia

Kit G

Assortment G: Pearl violet, Aubergine, Pearl orange, Amber, Axinite brown, Zircon white

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