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L168 Sweet Airbrush

$121.95 CAD - Approx. $98.05 USD

$121.95 + bonus coloured cocoa butter 2oz.
The technical book "Sweet Airbrush" is about the use of airbrush in the lab, from the basic notions to colours, from the tools to the preparation of works, with practical exercises and step-by-step special effects. The book then moves on to decoration of toppers, subjects, anniversary cakes, flowers and butterflies, gingerbread and sugar paste, bas-reliefs, frames and ribbons. There are also references to isomalt and choco-transfers, whipped cream decorations and glazed cakes. The final chapters focus on competition works and savoury decoctions for filo dough, biscuits and short crust pastry.

Every chapter is enriched with pictures so as to illustrate every details in the best possible way.