Black, Khol, Tuxedo Collection

KHTAB Kohl Bar Sleeve

$28.50 CAD - Approx. $22.06 USD


Bar sleeve box with window.
Glossy Kohl finish.

6.69 x 3 5/8 x 0.6 in

The following molds fit this size sleeve:
x014, ma2000, ma2001, im84, drc2110, cw2110, B2, im145, art14498, art14907, art14908, art14197, art1642, art1643, art1750, art13849, art1207, art117B, art1130, pop1326, pop1327, pop1328, im146, im223, art1037, art10145, art1003, pop1322, ma2004, pop1321, art10371 (sold separately)