Lollipop Silicone Molds

mul3d1 spherical mold kit

$46.95 CAD - Approx. $35.40 USD

The evolution of Multiflex has resulted in the MUL3D, the silicone mould that enables you to prepare desserts and monoportions of spherical shape, The versatility of this mould allows to create surprising inserts and effects that make it really unique.

Set A&B + transparent tray (VGEL03)
Size sphera: Ø 28 mm
Volume sphera: 11,5×5=138 ml
Tray:12×40 cm
Non-stick, easy to unmould
Transparency that allows to recognize the product inside
Stability of the sphere in the dish, thanks to the flat top of the mould
Easy to blast freeze
36 sticks included