Natural Dust Colors

PN50006 Natural Midnight Blue 50g

$46.95 CAD - Approx. $35.40 USD

Colouring is achieved through the dispersion of the coloured particles in the food.

100% natural and fat dispersible colouring powders are
made from natural plant extracts encapsulated in a rice protein
concentrate. They are perfect for chocolate coatings, butter
cream, candies and pastry. They are also great for limiting colour
bleeding when multiple colours are side by side.

- 100% Made from vegetal source
- Matte finish
- Instant colouring
- Unchanged consistency
- No colour bleeding
- Dry application
- Highly effective
- Matte finish
- 100% Edible
- Gluten Free
- Lactose Free
- Nut Free
- Vegan
- Vegetarian

- Rice Protein
- Red Cabbage Anthocyanin (E163)
- Potassium Hydroxide (E525)
- Potassium Phosphate (E340)
- Calcium Carbonate (170)

Keep in a cool and dry place.