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L285 Planet Cake by Paris Cutler

$20.95 CAD - Approx. $16.01 USD

This beautiful and funky cake-decorating book is set out in the style of a course, working from the simplest of cupcakes to amazing complex cakes. The author Paris Cutler, owner of renowned shop Planet Cake, and her staff share their colourful and distinctive designs, but it's not only their imaginative creations that make this book so special. The comprehensive basic section gives you all the information you need, with learning outcomes, troubleshooting hints, material and equipment lists. Every single cake is beautifully photographed and explained step-by-step, enhanced by coloured illustrations and photos. Key points: comprehensive basics section with many step photos and trouble-shooting tips; 30 different cake/cupcake designs, all of them beautifully photographed; the method is explained step-by-step enhanced by colour illustrations; the cakes range from the simplest yet stunning cupcake designs to more complex cakes for almost any occasion