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L161 Cacao: De la fève à la tablette by Pierre Marcolini

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(In French only) Bonus: Silicone piping bag
Delicious immersion in the cocoa world of the great designer Pierre Marcolini. From the bean to the bean to bar, this is the singular way that it borrows to reveal the perfumes of the most beautiful plantations on the planet. The one who was crowned world champion of pastry in 1995 gives here his secrets of manufacture to learn to roast, to grind and to temper his chocolate at home. Through a trip to the heart of the cocoa terroirs, discovering ten great wines (from Mexico to Indonesia, through Cameroon or Madagascar), Pierre Marcolini offers 170 recipes to master all aspects of chocolate - , Creamy, in sauce ... - and make sumptuous cakes, sweets, salted dishes and other sweets. Raw beans in salt and pepper, Wonderful, Infusion of cocoa ... An initiation of master sublimated by the photographs of Marie Pierre Morel.